"Dan Tutor Shortcut to Dan" to SGF converter


This program converts the problems in the software "Dan Tutor Shortcut to Dan", also known as "围棋级位测试 6000题" (Go rank test 6000 question) to SGF.




Note to Linux users

If you want to run this converter tool on linux there are some special steps you need to pay attention to. Make sure you have the Mono libraries installed. On Ubuntu 10.04 this is installed by default. Additionally it needs the Mono winforms libraries which are not installed by default (on Ubuntu 10.04). It can be installed with this command:

sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms*

Once all Mono libraries are installed, make sure to make the program executable with the proper permissions. Also, make sure that the program install folder contains a folder named godata (on Windows it is hidden) and that it contains the 6 files ASH1.go - ASH6.go. Some versions of unrar does not extract the rar file correctly so they might be missing. Please note that on Ubuntu 10.04 you can't start .NET programs by double clicking on them, you need to start the program from the command prompt.


Please primarily use the help forum which can be found here. If you are facing problems, chances are you are not alone. Even if you don't find the answer there, posting there will allow others to see the answer in the future. You can also mail me at johanrex@users.sourceforge.net.